Monday, October 8, 2012

Starting on the Smith

Welcome to the Smith River project here in Montana.
For those of you have never been to the scenic Smith River area this should be a treat.  It certainly is my good luck to be able to build in such an extraordinary land.
I will be building a version of my "Prairie Mountain Cabin".   This cabin is a little bigger than the "Montanan" which I showcased in my previous project.  It's basic layout is the same but I will be adding a few extras such as french doors, windows and decks to highlight the magnificent views provided by this location.
We have already started on our foundation.  This will be a insulated post and beam foundation well suited for this location.

Here are a few photos of the start.

A Few Final Photos

I wanted to end this project with a few shots of the furniture.  I like to supply a few pieces just to get things started.  Then its up to the new owner to get as creative as they like.
For a little additional charge you can have your cabin completely furnished and just move on in!

Thanks to all of you who have followed this project throughout its completion and I welcome you to  take a look at my newest project already started on the Smith River.