Monday, August 28, 2017

We Are Back!!!

We are back and taking on new projects through the 2018 season.  Contact us today about building your new recreational cabin!

Here's a video my wife made several years ago of a cabin we built near Monarch, MT.  Its just minutes away from the ShowDown Ski Area.  Definitely an old favorite of ours!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Cabin, Two Looks

Here are a few more comparison shots of the same Prairie Mountain Cabin, one built on the Smith River and the other built on Poorman Creek near Lincoln Mt. and the beautiful Bob Marshal Wilderness Area.
I think these photos show that with a few cosmetic changes the entire look and feel of a cabin can be altered to fit an individuals taste and personality.  Both of these cabins are in the final stages of finishing and  I will post  comparison photos of the unique interior choices later this summer.

A special note on the Lincoln cabin.  This cabin is now being offered to rent by the week or weekend.  Check it out at

 Smith River cabin

Lincoln cabin

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Log Walls, Beams and Decking

The basic configuration and log construction of both the Smith River and Lincoln cabins were the same, so Iv'e decided to only show one during this phase of construction.  These are photos of the Smith cabin going up.  I am using 6x8 inch double tongue and grove logs for the walls.  The posts and main support beams for both projects were selected and cut from the properties and hand peeled on site.  The roof decking is tongue and grove 2x6 fir.
In the last three photos you can see the grey stains we used on the Smith cabin to give it an authentic old montana cabin look.  The cabin is now ready to insulate and roof.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Tale of Two Cabins

   In my last post I described the start of my cabin project in the beautiful Smith River Canyon.  I intended to show this project in sequential form throughout its construction.
Funny things happen however when you build in remote locations, especially where river crossing are involved.  High water caused a few precarious situations early on with bringing materials to the site.
So instead of risking the chance of having part of my cabin float down river, with me on board, I decided to start another project at the same time.  It's the same Prairie Mountain Cabin design but with some different finishing choices.  I am building it up in the Lincoln Montana area.  I am happy to say this is also one of my favorite Montana locations.
The result turned out to be an interesting comparison of two similar yet unique cabins going up at the same time.  I will show the results in several posts in the coming weeks.
Here first is a look at the Lincoln cabin foundation along with the floors and decks for both cabins.  In the previous post I showed the foundation for the Smith cabin.  Note the change from the post and pressure treated foundation on the Smith cabin to the concrete block and poured footing for the Lincoln cabin.  Both foundations have their merits depending on the cabins use and location.  Both are well insulated and provide adequate access to the utilities underneath.

 It is easy to immediately see the difference in finish styles by taking a look at the floor and deck photos for each cabin.  The Lincoln cabin has the more traditional colors I usually use while the Smith cabin is an experiment in grey.

Lincoln cabin

Smith cabin

Monday, October 8, 2012

Starting on the Smith

Welcome to the Smith River project here in Montana.
For those of you have never been to the scenic Smith River area this should be a treat.  It certainly is my good luck to be able to build in such an extraordinary land.
I will be building a version of my "Prairie Mountain Cabin".   This cabin is a little bigger than the "Montanan" which I showcased in my previous project.  It's basic layout is the same but I will be adding a few extras such as french doors, windows and decks to highlight the magnificent views provided by this location.
We have already started on our foundation.  This will be a insulated post and beam foundation well suited for this location.

Here are a few photos of the start.

A Few Final Photos

I wanted to end this project with a few shots of the furniture.  I like to supply a few pieces just to get things started.  Then its up to the new owner to get as creative as they like.
For a little additional charge you can have your cabin completely furnished and just move on in!

Thanks to all of you who have followed this project throughout its completion and I welcome you to  take a look at my newest project already started on the Smith River.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready To Move In

Well our cabin is nearly complete.
In the last few weeks we have installed the door and windows, and finished off the interior.
We have a new kitchen and bath, complete with new appliances and fixtures.  The interior walls have been covered with blue stained pine and varnished to match the wall logs.  All that's left is to build a rock base and install the wood burning stove.  We will be doing a little finish landscaping to give the place a little more inviting feel.  Finally we will furnish the cabin with a few nice starter pieces of log furniture.
Here are a few photos of what the cabin and site look like today.   Hopefully you see a marked improvement from where we started and that we have created a cabin someone will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roofed and Stained

Our cabin is now securely dried in with a new metal roof.  Before roofing, we put 4 1/4 inches of foil backed insulation underneath.  The cabin will now be very easy to heat in the winter and also stay cool all day in the summer.  I also got the cabin stained last week.  My preference is to use a dark stain, which I believe gives the cabin a more timeless appearance.  I like my cabins to look as though they have been and will be here a long time.
Next,  I will be finishing up my interior wood work and installing the front door and windows.
Remember!  This cabin will be up for sale when completed.  Contact me anytime by phone or email if you're interested.   406-468-3093 or

Monday, August 6, 2012

Interior Work

While waiting for the metal roofing to show up, I have been working on the interior of the cabin.  I have framed up the interior walls, got all of the plumbing and wiring roughed in and put up most of the1x6 blue stained pine and trim. You may notice that the loft now has its posts, rails and stairs installed.  I also managed to get the exterior of the cabin chinked (caulked), and stained.  I will post some photos of the new roof and exterior next week.